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::january 14, 2012::
more arduino at machine project
i'll be teaching an intro to arduino class at machine project in echo park for 2 weeks. the dates are 1/28, 1/29, 2/4, 2/5 from 1:00pm-4:00pm.
machine project website.

::march 2, 2011::
arduino class at machine project
i'll be teaching an arduino class at machine project in echo park for the next 3 weeks. the class is currently only open to waitlisters, but will be open to everyone else soon. the dates are 3/8, 3/10, 3/15, 3/21 from 7:00pm-10:00pm . machine project website.

::february 10, 2010::
better than future at the CEAIT festival march 5th
better than future will be performing electronic and laptop interpenetrations in an evening of audio which includes renowned sound artists steve roden and carla bozulich.
at redcat
631 W 2nd St
los angeles, california 90012

::july, 11, 2009::
better than future & the new brutalists at the wulf
better than future is an ensemble, dedicated to the performance of live electronic music, featuring casey thomas anderson, jordan bartee, scott cazan, and elisabeth mcmullin performing "radio massacre fm 2.0," by ulrich krieger (premiere) "incest mill," by better than future (premiere)
the new brutalists are ian carroll (trombone), cooper baker (laptop), and christine tavolacci (flutes) exploring structured improvisations and the manipulation of amplified microsounds.
at the wulf
1026 south santa fe avenue #203
los angeles, california 90021

::july, 2, 2009::
orbital substructures
i'm beginning work on an installation piece orbital substructures with animator and digital media artist kegan mcgurk. the piece consists of 9 differently-sized glass bowls sitting atop metal rods connected to electric motors. each of the bowls contains several large metal ball bearings that roll around the sides of the bowl when a motor is triggered. here's a prototype of what one of the structures will look like (courtesy kegan mcgurk).

::july, 2, 2009::
give me power
is a new electro-acoutic piece noise piece which explores the sonic world of the need for power, the need for voltage. as the power wanes in battery powered devices, the devices themselves begin to function completely differently and take on a whole new life. created primarily using circuit bent guitar pedals and 9V batteries at various stages of charged, the piece questions the devices’ “need for power” and highlights the sonic and metaphoric beauty of denying power to the power hungry. newly posted on the compositions page.

::june 2, 2009::
dogstar orchestra begins today

the dogstar orchestra performers will be presenting works by: casey anderson, antoine beuger, george brecht, jason brogan, madison brookshire, john cage, eric km clark, laurence crane, david dunn, morton feldman, jez riley french, jürg frey, jennie gottschalk, jean-luc guionnet, john p. hastings, julia holter, travis just, lewis keller, ulrich krieger, joseph kudirka, klaus lang, john lely, radu malfatti, mari, yoko ono, adam overton, aniela perry, michael pisaro, gary schultz, sam sfirri, craig shepard, mark so, taylan susam, james tenney, toshiya tsunoda, taku unami, douglas wadle, carter williams, mike winter, christian wolff and lamonte young.

performances are on june 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, & 11 in roy o. disney hall & june 7 in eagle rock, ca. check the dogstar website for more info.

::june 1, 2009::
upcoming projects

better than future will be doing a performance of pieces by ulrich krieger, mark trayle, & kasper toeplitz in august and should have a website up in the near future.

the telephone project, with chris porter and scott cazan is making a great deal of headway and will be auditioning for the next redcat studio. i've built a modified phone for the project.

i'm also working on a piece for pianist josh foy and electronics.

and will be starting on a piece for the tech jungle project with flutist sarah hodges and composer/cellist aniela perry. it involves slinkys and motors : )

::may 31, 2009::
new site finally uploaded!

thanks for stopping by my redesigned site. everything has been redone and updated for increased compatibility. i've added new videos from i'd rather be a cyborg than a goddess and any moon they are, as well as put up videos of most of my instruments and the recording of my new sonic boom piece, path to ground. enjoy looking around and drop me a line if you have any questions or complaints.